Our Business

Founded in 1980, ARGO develops, installs, and supports high-value technology and analytical-sciences software for the financial services and healthcare industries.

Where We Work

Offices are located in Richardson, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; and Toronto, Canada.

Markets We Serve

ARGO currently has nearly 300 banking customers in all financial services sectors including six of the top 10 banks, as well as non-bank financial services lenders. We also provide solutions for a leading-edge health care information exchange and major health care providers.

Our Technology-Based Innovations

In financial services, ARGO specializes in Payment Transaction Processing, Sales, Service and Relationship Management, and Retail and Commercial Lending. ARGO also provides Fraud solutions to enable financial services organizations to detect and prevent fraud across multiple channels at the point of presentment and include proactive Positive Pay functionality, BSA/AML Monitoring, and Transaction and Image Analysis.

Healthcare solutions from ARGO provide tools for Patient Identity Management, Referrals, and Payment Propensity. ARGO also provides healthcare organizations with Duplicate Profile Analysis services.

Analytics-driven software solutions are key differentiators for ARGO. Specially trained employees hold advanced degrees in computer science, statistics, and mathematics and provide extensive knowledge in probability theory, decision theory, and information data theory. We use Analytical Science-based methods in the following solutions:

  • Fraud Detection • Compliance
  • Patient Identity Matching
  • Monetary/Payments Processing
  • Lending and Sales & Service Customer Fulfillment • Customer Attrition Risk

How We Drive Performance

Our customers’ performance drives our success. Key value drivers for ARGO solutions:

Financial Services

  • Revenue Expansion • Profitability Margin
  • Operational Efficiency/Speed/Reliability • Cost Avoidance/Reduction
  • Customer/Service/Retention • Customer Management
  • Risk Management • Regulatory Compliance • Loss Prevention
  • Service Process Innovation • Employee Engagement/Retention


  • Patient Safety
  • Information Exchange
  • Operational Efficiency

Joining Our Team

We search for results-oriented employees with strong work ethics. For more than 30 years, we’ve enjoyed consistent revenue growth and financial stability that demonstrates our long-term commitment to quality. We invite you to review our current job openings.