ARGO’s Mission

Technology innovation is a key driver for economic performance and quality of living. ARGO’s mission is to create improved technology software for our nearly 300 financial services and healthcare customers—using technology to improve productivity, risk management, revenue, customer/patient experiences, scale, and compliance, and reduce costs.

Today, both industries that ARGO serves are undergoing transformations. U.S. healthcare must become more cost efficient. Financial services must better meet the needs of several consumer segments related to omni-channel delivery, managing risk more effectively, and expanding revenue. To respond, ARGO continues to acquire and develop competent resources across relevant disciplines to create better, cheaper, and smarter solutions. These solutions assist our customers in making their transformation initiatives successful. ARGO invests 37 percent of revenue to drive innovation progress.

Technology Innovation

Much progress is being made. Today, ARGO delivers:

  • Unmatched analytics to resolve duplicate patient records in America’s hospitals—achieving accuracy levels that have never been seen before
  • Paperless processing capable of removing 100 percent of the paper workflow from America’s financial services branches, impacting cost and customer experience
  • Higher levels of workflow and decision support to complex lending origination and underwriting for business and commercial lending
  • New fraud detection analytics to improve the financial services industry false positive/false negative accuracy, which speeds up fraud detection and reduces the cost of dealing with fraud for our nearly 200 fraud customers
  • The first real-time fraud and compliance, omni-channel solution including mobile, image, ATM deposits, teller, and remote deposit capture

We achieved these new technology innovations because of our talent base, expanding our core competencies around business best practices and technology leadership. Another way we’ve achieved technology innovation is by building ARGO team member expertise in computer science, operations management, mathematics, and statistics in our Dallas, Memphis, and Toronto offices.

Application Technology Components

Another significant part of our innovation lies in our infrastructure enablement technology. ARGO’s numerous components include:

• Technology platforms • Workflow • Electronic collaboration for documents and images

• Patented image analytics • Decision engines • Data gathering intelligence

• Predictive analytics engines • Search/match engines • Pattern detection analytical engines

• Patented intellectual property components • Innovation in paper and electronic payments

These components add significant value to our 20 application solutions for financial services and healthcare. This year has seen large-scale improvements and additions to these assets. For example, ARGO enhanced workflow to better support Internet branch, call center, and omni-channel collaborated fulfillment. Our third-party loan origination solution now offers paperless e-Signature.

Proven Monitoring System

ARGO solutions operate in mission-critical business segments for our customers. ARGO’s proven Early Detection Monitoring System has also seen significant upgrades with a goal to bring more operational reliability to our customers’ operations, especially in the area of predictive analytics. For example, one of our hospital customers successfully operates our patient matching solution on each of their 350 patient registration desktops 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ARGO continues to accept a high degree of accountability for operational reliability in our customers’ operations of our networked solutions. For example, for many customers, ARGO is the first issue detector/responder more than 80 percent of the time, which translates into operational reliability for patient safety and customer experience.

Customer Commitment

At ARGO, getting technology results to our customer base is all about commitment—commitment to increase productivity, reduce risk, improve customer/patient experiences, support compliance, and decrease costs. In closing, we thank our customers and our partners for their support of our people, our solutions, and our company.


Max Martin
Chairman and CEO