ARGO FLAME® (Fuzzy Lookup & Matching Engine) is an extensible search engine suited to a broad range of corporate, industrial, scientific, and academic requirements. Organizations that require a high degree of search precision independent of the data being processed appreciate FLAME’s rapid response and unparalleled accuracy.

ARGO specifically designed FLAME for straightforward configuration, installation, and seamless integration with existing applications to quickly improve productivity with minimal training. The engine’s self-optimizing functionality minimizes ongoing maintenance and continuously refines algorithm-matching performance without excessive tuning.

Improve the Value of Your Data

FLAME removes the barriers to valuable data and expertly assists financial institutions with everyday tasks, such as:

  • De-duplicate customers’ names and addresses
  • Scrub lists
  • Synchronize and normalize databases
  • Detect fraudulent applications
  • Determine workflows
  • Validate customers’ identities
  • Identify regulatory compliance reporting for OFAC, anti-money laundering, and fraud
  • Assess risk
  • Uncover suspect criminal activity

Match Patients to Medical Records

Working with a Texas-based solution provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE) software, ARGO developed a next-generation patient matching system powerful enough to meet the demanding requirements of 2 million patients in north Texas.

FLAME helps healthcare providers match patients to their medical records, which could come from a primary care, specialist, or rehabilitative physician. The records are matched to the patient’s payment and insurance information, drug prescriptions, and biomedical test and medical imaging results, as well as care program and treatment information.

By combining ARGO’s fuzzy search software, decision engine, and workflow management application, ARGO developed a next-generation patient matching solution designed specifically to meet the increasingly complicated needs of interconnected healthcare providers. With the objective to simplify the process of patient matching for the specialist technicians supporting the system, ARGO designed it to accommodate complex combinations of matching techniques and business rules, while at the same time providing for an institution’s individual work practices.

Connect Names and Addresses Using Context-Sensitive Logic

Organizations often transpose serial numbers, use different terminologies and syntaxes, or inconsistently abbreviate information in their records. For example, a customer profile may have several different names associated with it—such as Dr. William and Joan Smith, Bill and J Smith, and B.R. Smith—or it may contain variations of the same address, such as Road vs. Rd, RFD for First Street, or 1st St.

Traditional database search systems and current fuzzy search engines do not always accurately connect various names and addresses to the correct customer or record, which makes it challenging for organizations to maximize their information investments.

Using context-sensitive logic, FLAME guides search comparisons defined by user-applied rules. Common comparisons include:

  • Names
  • Aliases
  • Addresses
  • Alphanumeric data
  • Phonetic spellings

Achieve Industry-Leading Performance

FLAME ranked eighth overall among 40 entrants and over 3,200 submissions in the MITRE Challenge™, a competition sponsored by the MITRE Corporation to test the performance of multicultural name matching—a technology that is a key component of identity matching.