Application Outsourcing lets you take advantage of ARGO’s technical and business expertise during ongoing system maintenance life cycles. Outsourcing services include business functional planning and design, architecture planning, technical design, testing, development, training, and deployment-related activities. Benefits include:

  • Release Planning – Leverages ARGO’s combined industry experience and application knowledge of functional and technical best practices to align with your strategic road map and define the scope of the release, the approach and timing, and measurable success criteria.
  • Release Delivery – Experienced project professionals facilitate the gathering of detailed requirements, drafting of detailed specifications, and development and configuration tasks for ARGO solution modifications.
  • Proven Process Framework – ARGO employs a proven framework for management and business process monitoring of solutions. This helps ensure continued strategic alignment and identifies solution, training, and process improvement opportunities.

Manage Staff More Effectively During Release Upgrades

ARGO’s skill sets and experts are available to secure high-quality solutions and adapt staffing needs for each ongoing scheduled release. Our experience with complex, end-to-end processes helps ensure best-practice solutions for business and technical objectives.

Reduce Upgrade Impact with Enhanced Production Support

Our experts help rapidly diagnose and address production issues using a dedicated team of project managers, technical leads, and developers. Business and technical resources augment this team as needed with:

  • Application Testers
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Service Engineers
  • Business System Analysts
  • Line of Business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Core Technology SMEs

Manage Budget Proactively

This service allows you to delegate application maintenance to ARGO, typically on a three-five year arrangement, providing budget control, enhanced production support, and a continual solution road map for version release upgrade planning.