To ensure operational reliability, ARGO provides Environmental Configuration & Management services. Coupled with our Early Detection Monitoring Service, ARGO technical service experts will help plan, audit, review, and maintain your operating environments and related configurations.

Environmental Planning

Because ongoing operational reliability is so dependent upon proper long-term environmental maintenance and capacity planning, ARGO provides Environmental Planning services that address:

  • Environment sizing growth and future needs analysis
  • Capacity verification and expansion planning
  • System resource optimization and utilization analysis
  • Software version release and upgrade planning
  • Failover and disaster recovery planning
  • Data retention and archive management
  • Scalability and infrastructure upgrade planning

Environmental Audit

ARGO-trained technical service engineers will perform on-site environmental audits of the production workstation and server environment to certify operational environments for optimal performance. The team ensures that the features are configured and used correctly. Primary objectives of the audit are to:

  • Ensure configurations follow best-practice recommendations through review of server and workstation operating environments, as well as prerequisite and third-party software components.
  • Make certain configurations are optimized for efficiency and performance, and provide proper capacity for current peak and failover situations.
  • Determine if unusual behavior is occurring in an environment such as errors or alerts, and research and resolve any such issues.
  • Review the procedures used in the ongoing development, testing, and subsequent rollout of solutions to provide efficiency and best-practice recommendations.

Configuration Management

Today’s mission-critical solutions require complex infrastructure and customer-unique environmental configurations. ARGO’s Configuration Management services reduce risk and specialty skill requirements by having ARGO-trained technical engineers maintain the solution configuration files. When needed, our team can make the appropriate changes for your information technology (IT) personnel to deploy. This ensures the changes are made completely and accurately. As the changes are promoted through each environment, ARGO certifies and validates these changes. Our team provides the following services:

  • Configuration Management Planning — This service proactively identifies upcoming changes that may be required in the operating environment. ARGO provides an impact analysis of the proposed change including expected performance, dependent services, and configuration compatibility impacts. ARGO also provides configuration change recommendations and a recommended validation plan. The plan describes the recommended test and validation methodology to ensure the configuration updates are properly implemented and are operating efficiently.
  • Configuration Updates and Staging — Our technical staff uses the impact analysis and configuration change recommendations, updates the ARGO solution configuration files for each environment, and creates a step-by-step implementation checklist for your deployment engineers.
  • Change Certification and Promotion Support — ARGO technical staff uses the validation plan and validation checklist defined during the planning process and certifies the changes are deployed correctly in each solution environment. Any issues detected as a result of the change deployment are immediately reported back to the customer with corrective action recommendations.