ARGO Help Desk Support Services helps your information technology (IT) personnel successfully operate and maintain mission-critical ARGO healthcare and financial services software solutions in production environments.

Help Desk Support assists you in identifying and resolving outages, determining the root causes of issues, and answering environmental configuration and development questions. In this model, your IT personnel identify the occurrence of a production problem and provide ARGO with the necessary debugging information.

ARGO provides multiple support offerings to align with service needs, ranging from typical business hours support for production and development issues to full 24/7 access to the ARGO Help Desk. Through the Help Desk, you also receive upgrade assistance when migrating from one release of ARGO Base Software to another. ARGO provides access to a dedicated team of Help Desk Support services experts to help you operate and maintain mission-critical solutions in a production environment.

Your trained IT representatives access the ARGO Help Desk to:

  • Resolve issues when ARGO application solutions are not working as expected or when they need ARGO’s assistance to identify or resolve an issue
  • Find answers to general questions about customizing, installing, configuring, or using ARGO application solutions

Contact the Help Desk

ARGO staffs its Help Desk with qualified personnel who respond to all requests, including telephone calls, emails, and tickets submitted through the ARGO Customer Care website. For support: