ARGO Implementation and Systems Integration produces technology solutions that are reliable, stable, and have the functionality required to meet your strategic and tactical goals and objectives. As part of an implementation, ARGO integrates our solution into your unique environment with focus on host and third-party integration, network management, desktop customization, and device integration. This  results in a fully integrated, high-performing, mission-critical solution that provides an optimal end-user experience.

Project Execution

Over the years, ARGO has adopted scalable, repeatable industry best-practice implementation methodology processes. These proven processes apply the best software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies for expedient project planning and execution. As part of this process, ARGO provides application solution definition, development and integration, testing, and deployment. These processes incorporate well-defined governance principles, and tested project oversight, control, and change management accountabilities into each phase of the SDLC.

ARGO Implementation and Systems Integration uses our deep understanding of the ARGO application solution combined with extensive experience with each phase of the SDLC to provide:

  • Project Governance – Align project deliverables with business case, identify project performance indicators, define decision-making paths and project accountabilities, and control change
  • Project Oversight and Control – Communicate project status, maintain project plans and issues, and ensure business goals are being met
  • Solution Definition – Identify and approve requirements, define functional design, and document technical specifications
  • Solution Build – Develop and test system integrations, implement defined configurations and develop and test functional customizations
  • Solution Test – Execute planned test phases and resolve detected issues. Combined with ARGO Quality Testing services, we deliver stable reliable software solutions.
  • Solution Deployment – Support end-user training activities, define and execute pilot and rollout strategies, complete transition to the production operations model

Using ARGO Implementation and System Integration results in successful technology projects, producing the desired return on investment while achieving your strategic objectives to expand revenue, increase productivity and efficiency, delight customers, engage employees and manage risks and opportunities.