Taking appropriate advantage of automation, evaluating risk, and achieving compliance with internal and external policy require a continuous improvement model driven by sound solutions and highly skilled employees. ARGO credit experts provide help for efficient time-to-market from initial implementation and comprehensive employee maintenance training through comprehensive real-time monitoring and powerful Champion-Challenger and simulation testing tools.

Resource support for maintenance, testing, risk enhancements, data analysis, and model evaluation is available as needs rise and fall. Our team evaluates current state environments, and provides recommendations and project support for increased usage of credit risk solutions in areas such as cross-sell strategy, vendor management, increased automated decisioning, and employee process support.

Credit Monitoring Services

Keeping up with market trends, organizational changes, and lessons learned based on portfolio performance means maintaining a staff of industry and solution experts to manage an unpredictable workload.

ARGO’s industry expertise helps organizations to:

  • Increase risk transparency and controls to ensure bank-defined policies are executed by frontline employees.
  • Correct unfavorable trends early on.
  • Configure bank-defined tolerances and thresholds, assessing where key metrics fall outside of expectations and norms.
  • Fine tune, monitor, and evaluate usage levels, while identifying new opportunities for credit risk processes.

Champion-Challenger Services

ARGO’s Champion-Challenger services furnish a model for testing alternate strategies to:

  • Run what-if simulations in an offline test environment and analyze results.
  • Execute Champion-Challenger scenarios in production and evaluate impacts on capture.
  • Ensure statistically sound and accurate logic.
  • Create indicators for reporting, tracking, and providing a results dashboard for review.

Decision Engine Strategy Services

ARGO’s Decision Engine Strategy services will help customers take advantage of the value ARGO’s decision engine tools provide by creating a customized migration path to:

  • Maximize levels of automated decisioning where applicable.
  • Create complex risk-adjusted return pricing models.
  • Automate credit bureau analysis.
  • Increase employee guidance and process support.
  • Develop cross-selling models to create deeper relationships with customers.

Custom Scorecard Implementation Services

ARGO’s Custom Scorecard Implementation services help to:

  • Implement custom scorecards using ARGO’s extensive library of normalized bureau attributes or custom configured attributes.
  • Configure scorecards using pre-defined frameworks.
  • Monitor scorecards by providing scorecard population stability analysis, characteristics analysis, and evaluating scorecard performance.