A key component of the successful implementation, operation, and maintenance of application solutions is the training of personnel. ARGO provides technical and product to help you obtain the greatest use and benefit from ARGO solutions.

Technical Training

For IT staff, ARGO delivers instruction on our solutions and offers technical certification. ARGO’s technical learning events maximize your investment by equipping employees with the information they need to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. We offer a wide range of hands-on training that combines industry and technical expertise. ARGO organizes its technical training events based on job functions for:

  • Application Architects who manage technical operating environments, architecture tiers, and standards including security and integration with host and third-party components
  • Application Developers who make modifications and minor updates to maintain the solution over time
  • System Administrators who are responsible for the installation, configuration, and operations of the solution in the production environment

In addition to hands-on exercises, ARGO offers a certification program to help ensure understanding of the coursework and validate the readiness of application developers to perform required tasks. To achieve an ARGO certification, personnel must successfully complete six courses in the Basic Application Developer track and pass a comprehensive written examination.

Product Training

To help you prepare for deployment, ARGO provides product learning events across all ARGO solutions. This process begins by providing business analysts, subject matter experts, business line representatives, and internal training personnel with knowledge on the implementation requirements and design phase, including the integration of ARGO solutions into an end-user training strategy for production rollout.