Defined as a way to seamlessly deliver features, components, and enhancements, ARGO Version Release software provides flexibility through configuration, extension, and integration. This service helps you shorten the time to market, reduce the risk of implementing a new release, upgrade products with little-to-no development effort, and decrease maintenance costs.
ARGO Version Release software delivers ongoing defect resolutions and enhancements in a format ready for testing and deployment. With this software, you can take advantage of new features and functionality without sacrificing the ability to customize ARGO solutions to meet your unique requirements. If you license Version Release software, you are eligible for future releases of ARGO application solutions. Along with a major release, ARGO provides detailed integration steps, configuration changes, and a listing of skill sets needed to install the upgrade. Minor releases and patch updates retain backwards compatibility, allowing for installation with minimal integration effort.

Customer Benefits

    • Value-add for maintenance contracts – Higher frequency of upgrades combined with less risk in installing upgrades
    • Continuing product maturity – Recurring software updates containing enhancements and defect resolutions detected and resolved by ARGO
    • Leveraging of road map and value-add features – Receipt of the latest features as they become available
    • Defined deliverables – Ongoing delivery with a known end state, which translates into polished deliverables with full regression cycles
    • Fully tested product – Only requires integration to a dependent product or dataset