ARGO Workflow Management is an automated business process solution that provides business-level control to determine and prioritize tasks, resulting in efficiency that saves both time and money.

The technology allows for configuration, control, monitoring, and management of the flow of work between systems, departments, and individuals, with solid adherence to decision and compliance rules. Workflow Management provides the ability to:

Collaborate with Transparency

Workflow Management helps people work together and manage tasks in a transparent and controlled environment. The workflow system makes available the necessary information to perform a task, including a clear description of what to do, how to do it, and the impact this task has on the business process. At any time, employees are able to:

  • Check the list of tasks pending and determine at a glance which tasks are most important
  • View the progress and status of a process
  • Route the right information to the right people at the right time.

Resolve Issues in Real Time

Real-time processing enables you to make quick and decisive adjustments to workflow and enables resolution to situations before they become problems. When an issue takes priority to work in progress, the system allows employees to:

  • Suspend processing of current work
  • Begin processing a new customer or any other process
  • Return to where they left off and continue working the initial task
  • Escalate issues for a quick response to correct any problems that arise in the business process.

Enhance Customer Service

Your organization can achieve a higher level of service excellence through shorter cycle times and guaranteed completion. Real-time business processing empowers managers with quick and efficient customer responses to:

  • Create and assign employees to new tasks
  • Send notifications immediately to employees about new tasks in their queues to expedite processing.

Track and Control Business Processes

Status tracking lets management monitor the progress of work. When a bottleneck occurs, the system allows management to:

  • Automatically and manually change queues and status. The description accompanying the change documents on-the-fly process improvements
  • Route tasks efficiently and transparently through the system to maximize throughput and optimize resources.

Achieve 100 Percent Audit for Actions and Completions

Standard approaches to event  tracking provide your organization with the assurance that business processes meet audit and compliance standards and policies. Workflow Management records all actions within the system and makes this information available for reporting and audits. The system provides a record of compliance for all administrative aspects of the workflow.  Applying a workflow approach to business processes lets your organization achieve several business objectives:

  • Monitor service levels against service level agreements (SLAs) and alert management of deviations
  • Manage priorities in accordance with established SLAs
  • Assure work item completion
  • Provide analysis and tracking over a given timeframe for work that is or is not from an SLA.