ARGO OASIS™ (Optimized Assessment of Suspicious Items) provides a multi-fund, cross-channel transactional fraud platform to detect deposit account fraud with an integrated interface for review and monitoring.

OASIS uses behavior pattern recognition, neural networks, and image analytics to detect transactional fraud and suspicious activity. Through OASIS, financial institutions effectively reduce financial losses, decrease operating expenses, and minimize reputational risk.

Signature Verification and Check Stock Validation

Through real-time integration at the teller line, OASIS provides functionality to validate digitized signatures utilizing Signature Verification, which results in fewer manual reviews and interventions.

Using Check Stock Validation, OASIS analyzes presented check images against historical, referenced check images. This automated fraud analysis validates the consistency and accuracy of check stock with faster and more reliable results than visual inspections.

Multi-Transactional Fraud Analysis

ARGO Fraud and Compliance solutions provide a cross-channel, multi-transactional approach to transaction fraud analysis in real time or near real time. The solutions systematically apply business rules across channels, while providing flexibility to configure business rules for a specific point of presentment or transaction type.

Internal Fraud

Institutions are equipped with proactive fraud monitoring tools to detect internal fraud through alerts for suspicious browsing, general ledger activity, trial balancing, and excessive account or ID activity.

OASIS Fraud Solution