The SAND® (Self-Authenticated Negotiable Documents) platform delivers a comprehensive set of Treasury Management solutions with fraud detection and prevention capabilities for commercial checks and electronic payments. The SAND platform from ARGO Software Design Corporation (ASDC) provides an integrated suite of Treasury Management solutions including positive pay, ACH positive pay, and account reconciliation applications. Using SAND, financial services organizations are able to help corporate customers:

  • Detect and prevent fraudulent checks and electronic transactions
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce the time needed to evaluate exceptions

Bridge the Gap between Electronic and Check Payments

The SAND platform expands the capabilities of traditional Treasury Management software and bridge the gap between electronic and check payments for increased fraud protection. This platform allows for:

  • Increased automation
  • On-demand image presentations
  • Alteration detection
  • Assistance with reconciliation and reporting


SAND Treasury Management solutions combat the majority of check fraud schemes, including invalid MICR lines, forgeries, counterfeiting, and duplications. By providing financial institution customers with expanded Treasury Management solutions, the institution generates additional revenue and greatly reduces the potential for loss.