Using ARGO Commercial Lending, financial institutions accommodate loan processes from application preparation and underwriting through decisioning and account management. The solution also enables institutions to manage unique lending models and credit policies with confidence, while embedding controls to enforce compliance.

Loan Production & Onboarding

Using the ARGO Commercial Lending solution, financial institutions are able to:

  • Reduce errors and rework
  • Devote more time to customer-focused, revenue-generating activities
  • Improve the customer experience

Life of Loan Management

Commercial Lending provides institutions with account management tools to:

  • Track the status for every stage of the loan
  • Coordinate loan renewals, modifications, and extensions
  • Manage collateral
  • Monitor covenants

Management Insight & Reporting

The solution generates reports to help managers:

  • Monitor loan compliance and performance
  • Compare similarities and differences between financial centers
  • Track employee performance across the organization
  • Measure adherence to policies

 Process-Driven Workflow

The solution’s process-driven workflow allows institutions to:

  • Determine the amount of flexibility employees have while working through loan life cycles
  • Satisfy regulators’ increasing requirements for greater control over processes

 Governance, Risk & Compliance

Through Governance, Risk & Compliance, institutions establish a consistent process that is aligned with lending regulations. Governance, Risk & Compliance also enables financial institutions to:

  • Systematically enforce regulatory requirements and apply decisioning analytics
  • Automatically trigger policy and compliance exceptions based on business rules
  • Eliminate manual identification of complex policy violations, reducing potential audit and compliance issues

Data Integrations, Centralized Access

By integrating and centralizing data, institutions are able to:

  • Minimize keying errors
  • Aggregate data stored in multiple locations
  • Access all electronic credit and collateral files associated with a client
  • Reduce expenses and time spent preparing for credit examinations

Paperless Processing

Utilizing Paperless Processing, the institution integrates a paperless workflow directly into loan origination processes. Paperless Processing also allows institutions to:

  • Replace ink signatures with an electronic signing ceremony
  • Produce a legally binding document
  • Give customers a choice on where to e-Sign—in a branch, at home, or on the go