Financial institutions face diverse challenges in commercial lending including increasing regulatory burdens, diminishing margins, growing portfolio risk, and ongoing life of loan management.

ARGO brings more than 35 years of experience successfully developing financial services software with systems that solve complex problems and efficiently leverage data across solutions. To help institutions face industry challenges, ARGO Commercial Lending delivers an end-to-end loan origination and life of loan management solution with:

Centralized Area for Life of Loan Management

  • Monitors and manages collateral, covenants, renewals, and modifications in one centralized area
  • Allows institutions to create separate electronic examiner files, saving time and resources

Configurable Workflows

  • Provides configurable controls to satisfy increasing regulatory requirements
  • Enables financial institutions greater control over their processes
  • Gives lenders the creativity and flexibility to pursue new deals

Configurable Decision and Rules Engine

  • Defines, executes, monitors, and maintains decision logic, resulting in transparency and proof of process

Simplified User Experience

  • Allows users to efficiently and accurately perform business activities, decreasing the number of steps to accomplish tasks and enhancing user acceptance, satisfaction, and engagement

Actionable Management Insight and Reporting

  • Gives management the information they need, when they need it to manage their operations
  • Provides scheduled reports or real-time views into operations
  • Offers visualization through desktops, tablets, or mobile devices

Integration of Data with Systems of Record

  • Automates manual processes by seamlessly integrating with the institution’s current systems
  • Uses and augments system data with ARGO system data through two-way communication
  • Eliminates data rekeying

Regulatory Compliance Support

  • Monitors federal laws, regulations, and requirements that may affect institutions and their ARGO applications

Expandability from Small Business to Corporate Lending

  • Provides configurable modules, which expand to meet the institution’s unique business rules and policies, and flexibility to adjust to changes in banking and regulatory requirements