ARGO Credit Risk Services partners with financial institutions to maximize the long-term investment of ARGO Lending solutions through consulting, monitoring, and analytics. Credit Risk Services equips institutions with tools and processes to build and maintain strong and vital lending portfolios.

Improve Governance, Risk & Compliance

To improve governance, risk, and compliance, Credit Risk Services provides institutions with:

  • Controls to manage employees and processes
  • Guidance regarding the balance between escalation and authority control, as well as operational efficiency

Enhance Management Insight

Credit Risk Services also helps institutions enhance Management Insight by:

  • Evaluating incoming applications to detect trends and identify deviations from expectations
  • Determining which policy exceptions occur most frequently and in which segments
  • Verifying the additive effect of exceptions

Achieve Business Objectives

The service supports financial institutions in achieving business objectives with:

  • Prebuilt credit decisioning frameworks
  • Configurability to accommodate unique models and risk appetites

Utilize Analytics

By utilizing analytics services, institutions are able to:

  • Increase Automation
  • Strengthen Consistency
  • Heighten Revenue Opportunities