Business loans. Consumer loans. Residential Mortgage loans. Financial institutions have historically kept these loan types separate and processed them using different platforms.

With ARGO, institutions gain a competitive edge by offering all three as part of a single,
end-to-end solution.

Integrated Solution

Many financial institutions use separate and disparate systems for specific loan types, resulting in decreased productivity, increased costs, and significant errors. This disjointed infrastructure also leads to longer turnaround times and poor customer experiences. Utilizing ARGO’s integrated Retail Lending solution, financial institutions increase efficiency, grow revenue, and minimize risk.


Sales Tools

Sales Tools enable institutions to place customers in best-fit products. These tools:

  • Deliver consolidated customer information and loan details for a total view of the customer
  • Expertly guide employees with financial calculators and product selection tools

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Through Governance, Risk & Compliance, institutions establish a consistent process that is aligned with lending regulations. Governance, Risk & Compliance also enables financial institutions to:

  • Systematically enforce regulatory requirements and apply decisioning analytics
  • Automatically trigger policy and compliance exceptions based on the institution’s business rules
  • Eliminate manual identification of complex policy violations, reducing potential audit and compliance issues

Decision and Rules Engine

Retail Lending’s Decision and Rules Engine automates decisions made during loan origination processes. Through lender-defined parameters, the engine produces decisions on lending criteria such as:

  • Determining an applicant’s credit worthiness
  • Assessing risk and calculating pricing
  • Assigning a decision to a loan application

Workflow Management

Workflow Management allows institutions to efficiently process loan applications by:

  • Assigning, routing, and prioritizing loans according to service level agreements, employees’ skills, and capacity
  • Providing real-time, actionable views of loan applications in progress
  • Enabling managers to proactively resolve processing issues and bottlenecks

Omni-Channel Strategy

Retail Lending supports an institution’s omni-channel approach with functionality to process applications from a customer’s preferred channel—financial centers, contact centers, mobile, and the Internet.

Paperless Processing

Utilizing Paperless Processing, the institution integrates a paperless workflow directly into loan origination processes. Paperless Processing also allows institutions to:

  • Replace ink signatures with an electronic signing ceremony
  • Produce a legally binding document
  • Give customers a choice on where to e-Sign—in a branch, at home, or on the go