Financial institutions acquire customers and expand wallet share with advanced marketing and sales tools delivering high quality service with integrated customer relationship, sales management, and fulfillment processes.

ARGO solutions for customer acquisition and growth support a multichannel delivery strategy and foster collaboration across multiple business lines, including retail, business, commercial, and private banking.

Engage Customers through their Chosen Channel

ARGO helps you engage customers through their chosen channel by offering integrated solutions across the following customer and associate touchpoints:

Contact Center

Your institution can resist silos between branch and contact center associates by utilizing a common tool set for sales and service across channels. The solution optimizes the user interface for productivity to fit the needs of your contact center associate with efficient access to relevant data, policy, and product offerings.


Branches are the preferred channel of choice for customers with complex service requests who want to open a new account. With our solution, your institution can deliver a common toolset that simplifies service and fosters opportunities to sell even during a servicing event.

Contact Management

This functionality gives your bankers with more complex products like business, private & wealth, and commercial, the contact management functionality they need in a solution set that integrates with the customer management and service platform for a complete customer view.


The ARGO mobile solution enables your employees to take their contact management solution with them to customer and prospect visits. They take the information they need in a secure device and save time by making updates in the field.


It’s the dominant channel of choice for customers today, yet the technology used to support remote delivery channels creates blind spots for customer-facing associates who must support remote channels. Financial institutions are now seeking to solve the multichannel dilemma: how to seamlessly move data and information between channels for all associates to access, and assist with actions begun in remote channels. To close the multichannel gap, ARGO responds by offering integration points and workflow for contact center and branch associates.