ARGO Customer Management helps financial institutions sell, cross-sell, manage, and maintain customers. It supports customer engagement programs, referrals, campaigns, offers, and customer views–allowing institutions to define and automate their best-practices and their customer-contact cycle. Institutions follow up with at-risk customers by prompting a customer contact call if they identify attrition risk behaviors.You can define contact programs for a broad range of needs. Using a predefined set of workflow activities, your management can designate which actions should occur at what time and by whom, after set events take place.

Delight Customers with Service that is Refreshingly Straightforward and Accurate

Regardless of whether the service request is simple or complex, the submission process is straightforward. ARGO Customer Management simplifies requests, automates the routing, and displays status for all in the organization to see.

Process automation and access to the status of the request helps meet your institution’s standards and customer expectations. ARGO provides your customer service representatives with the tools to satisfy customer needs and exceed customer expectations. Service inquiry and maintenance tools handle simple customer requests while service request workflow helps manage complex, infrequent, or specialized requests that need to be routed to back-office representatives with the knowledge, skills, and authority to resolve these issues.

Support Service-to-Sales Strategies

Declining branch traffic means that retail strategy teams are looking for additional ways to engage customers in sales conversations. By simplifying service and helping the transaction maximize associates’ “eye-contact” time, your institution can optimize the ability to use the service inquiry as a means to explore needs and recommend products or services. A customer view that integrates marketing offers and campaigns provides a quick way for your associates to see the offers their customers should be aware of and provide a launching point for a description of existing campaigns. Next-best product and service recommendations maximize the efficiency of the service-to-sales conversation and allow your associates to focus on the opportunities with the most propensity.