ARGO Marketing & Analytics allows your marketing teams to execute sophisticated cross-sell, up-sell, and down-sell recommendations at the point of sale. Marketing teams deliver lead lists, campaigns, and customer offers in the user’s primary desktop and associate campaigns and offers with the customer record to increase penetration rates and improve response rates.

Improve Campaign Results through Delivery of Marketing-Identified Leads, Customer Offers, and Campaigns

Your institution can improve its speed-to-market and campaign penetration rates with ARGO campaign management tools that allow marketing teams to effectively disseminate campaign lead lists and supporting campaign information across the enterprise. By associating customer offers with the primary customer view, your associates see, at-a-glance, the offers available to their customers, which increases offer acceptance rates and promotes service to sales strategies all while keeping the associate engaged with the customer. With our solution, you can track campaign performance and report aggregated information such as the number of calls made and sales closed – to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness.

Communicate Customer Opportunity and Segment with Frontline Associates

Financial institutions and analytics teams have a wealth of knowledge about customers, customer segments, customer risk and opportunity yet have a difficult time sharing this information with the field in an understandable format that aids in the customer interaction. The solution’s complete customer view gives your front-line associates an at-a-glance view of customers and their relationships. Using our solution, your employees benefit from a snapshot of the analytic lens of the customer, including retention and customer value index analytics that calculate and display your customers’ propensity to attrite and their potential value to the organization. Front-line employees can also evaluate fundamental cross-sell drivers—such as customer purpose, segment, life stage, and risk profile—along with available product offerings and outstanding service requests to determine the best fit for customer needs.

Leverage Data from Customer Interactions to Inform Marketing & Analytics

Marketing & Analytics deploys a sophisticated blend of customer needs-analysis tools including profiling and needs analysis, what-if calculators, and financial assessments. The tools not only deliver consistency to the customer interaction and value to the customer but also become a data source for the analytics engine that uses these details to make product recommendations, prioritize offers, and make cross-sell, up-sell, and down-sell recommendations. The analytics engine considers customer responses to products, including offers that are accepted, declined, or delayed, and utilizes this information for future prioritization and recommendation.