ARGO Sales helps improve efficiency in each phase of the sales cycle and increase sales team effectiveness. Multiple, integrated modules work together to give sales teams the tools and information to close more business:

  • Establish goals and set front-line employee expectations.
  • Centralize and manage each salesperson’s portfolio, contacts, and prospects.
  • Support a proactive, needs-based selling approach with embedded profiling and analysis tools.
  • Harness marketing and analytics to fill sales pipelines and close more sales.

Enable Collaborative Sales across the Enterprise

The solution consolidates, in a single location, all contact details including history, events, relationships, identified sales opportunities, marketing offers, analytic insight, and outstanding service requests. As your financial institution’s products become more complex and sales cycles elongate, so do the tools provided by ARGO contact management, ensuring right-sized functionality for your sales process. More complex sales cycles include contact and relationship planning, call planning, ability to manage community partners and centers of influence.

Leverage Analytics and Automation for Consistent Sales

Sales helps define an end-to-end sales process that reflects your institution’s culture. Establishing goals lets you echo the sales approach with system-guided profiling and analysis tools, allowing the sales team to diligently track opportunities in the pipeline to closure.

ARGO analytics framework helps evaluate fundamental cross-sell drivers—such as customer purpose, segment, life stage, and risk profile—along with available product offerings and outstanding service requests to determine the best fit for customer needs. Analytical models update product and service recommendations as additional customer information becomes available from each interaction.

Empower Sales Teams with Role-Based Tools

Like any typical contact management tool, ARGO sales contact management centralizes each salesperson’s portfolio, contacts, and prospects. What’s different is the power and granularity of its controls, providing contact management capabilities tailored to the needs of different sales teams, working on products of differing complexities.

Sales contact management provides extraordinary granularity of contact information. The solution:

  • Arranges contact information on all assigned customers, prospects, and related accounts in one location.
  • Outlines relationship managers’ activities on sales opportunities that have the greatest potential by displaying the current pipeline and close probability estimates.
  • Highlights service issues that take place with valuable customers and referral sources so the relationship manager is able to monitor progress and ensure satisfactory resolution.
  • Creates tasks, appointments, and due dates for the salesperson and the relationship team, alerts team members to upcoming overdue items, and displays the latest calling results and next steps.
  • Supplies multiple call-planning tools, such as a relationship plan that identifies team members and their accountability, sales presentation drafts, call planning scripts, and call reports. The solution automatically compiles this information to enable sharing among team members.

With our solution, your institution can organize and house noncustomer contacts and referrals. Your sales and relationship teams can store this contact information in a single location and categorize contacts as:

  • A center of influence (COI), such as lawyers, certified public accountants, and realtors. Each COI and its associated relationships are categorized. Sales contact management ranks each COI by volume and lead quality to help ensure salespeople are cultivating and rewarding the appropriate external sources.
  • An internal referral partner that the salesperson frequently uses to coordinate calling activities. It communicates deal statuses and new referral opportunities to the appropriate internal referral source with desktop alerts and emails.
  • A community organization referral partner from chambers of commerce and service leagues. It also computes the return on membership dues relative to volume and the quality of received referrals.

Monitor and Coach Sales Team in Real Time

Sales delivers real-time updates to salespeople and managers at each stage of the sales cycle. After each customer interaction, the salesperson designates the deal status and assigns a closing probability and expected closing date to each pipeline entry.

Managers evaluate team progress and forecast results by analyzing the sales team’s pipeline entries and performance against assigned goals. Pipeline measures deal-flow velocity and strength by assigning a service level agreement (SLA) to each stage and calculating the aggregate closing probability. Managers use this information to manage individual employee sales performance and to support financial forecasting.

Efficiently Route and Manage Referrals

Referrals deliver the most value when they quickly reach the employee with the experience to act. ARGO provides enterprise referral tools to seamlessly route, manage, track, and follow up on referrals across multiple platforms. These tools help you collect information pertinent to the referral type and efficiently route it to the appropriate person or area based on skill or product. They also enable the movement of referrals across affiliates, entities, or third parties while adhering to your institution’s rules and legal requirements. In addition, the tools help you provide consistency and follow through to meet your institution’s standards and customer experience goals.