Manual processes bolted together by disparate systems make it difficult for financial institutions to perfect and balance transactions that require additional adjustments.

Part of ARGO’s Teller Payments solution, Back-Office Data Perfection combines all required activities into a single, automated workflow to efficiently route, perfect, and balance transactions, including complex ones that require intervention from staff with the knowledge, skills, and authority to process them.

Optimize the Workflow

Using this functionality, financial institutions are able to customize the automated workflow according to their specific needs and proactively monitor activities from any desktop to eliminate bottlenecks that prevent optimal operations. Institutions also have the ability to manually adjust the workflow, as needed, to accommodate changes in activity and staffing.

Communicate Bi-Directionally Between Front and Back Offices

The solution enables back-office employees to streamline transaction processing by seamlessly integrating with the front office. Advanced balancing tools retrieve gray-scale images from teller workstations without employee intervention. Or, employees have the ability to systematically request rescans, adding machine tape scans, or paper to quickly and accurately perfect and balance transactions.

Enjoy a Complete, Detailed Chain of Custody

An embedded electronic journal provides a comprehensive audit trail with:

  • Every transaction detail from presentment to posting
  • Images of each captured item
  • A single sequence number for tracking and audit

Expedite Processing

Back-office staff use comprehensive tools to swiftly and efficiently prepare transactions for posting and extraction. Experts monitor the workflow to confirm that the back office receives all transactions originated in the branch, perfects and balances data, creates adjustments, and processes exception items.