The ARGO Cash Inventory Optimization solution provides systematic, denominational order recommendations, monitoring in real time and versatility for last-minute changes. This powerful solution seamlessly integrates with ARGO Teller Payments to effectively manage ATM and branch levels.

Optimize Cash Orders

Advanced real-time analytics produce optimized cash orders and inventory levels down to the denominations. Forecast and Recommendation engines combine data with business rules and parameters set up by each location to create forecasts and generate order recommendations. The result: optimal amounts of currency on hand to provide a superior customer experience.

Minimize Costs

Financial institution managers use in-depth reporting to identify trends as well as to analyze forecasts, cash usage, and balances. Institutions apply goal-driven order recommendations to maintain appropriate inventory levels, decrease courier costs, and reduce emergency shipments.

Meet Reduction Goals

Cash Inventory Optimization continually tracks and displays the status on cash point configurations, order compliance, and service level agreement adherence to optimize cash levels without affecting customers’ needs.

Streamline Operations

An intuitive interface and streamlined workflow enables managers to continuously monitor cash processes to detect areas that need immediate attention. The solution helps them quickly identify issues, such as employees needing retraining, locations requiring increased deliveries or inventories, or delivery schedules conflicting with holiday closings.