Check 21 legislation paved the way for faster processing with the adoption of electronic imaging. But it’s still challenging to maximize productivity and reduce expenses when handling paper over the counter and preparing it for clearing in the back office. It’s also hard for employees to deliver extraordinary customer service when institutions lack efficient processes.

Part of ARGO Teller Payments, Teller Image Capture allows tellers to launch customer sessions, capture images of transactions, and process requests—within seconds. Wait times are a thing of the past because all transactions are immediately captured and perfected at the point of presentment, or tellers provide receipts to customers and delay processing during peak times. This flexibility enables financial institutions to efficiently handle high-volume transactions without negatively impacting customers.

Capture All Transactions at the Point of Presentment

Front-end staff are able to make the most of every interaction by capturing 100 percent of all retail and commercial transactions at the front line. This approach eliminates excessive handling and rekeying and increases transaction accuracy. It also gives tellers more heads-up time with customers for additional cross-selling opportunities.

Perfect 95-98 Percent of all Transactions at the Teller Line

Institutions are able to revolutionize the adjustment process and improve the customer experience by perfecting transactions at the teller line. The minimal use of back-office interventions leads to significant savings in write-offs and back-office staff. This also reduces expensive transportation costs that come from processing paper.

Enjoy a Complete, Detailed Chain of Custody

An embedded electronic journal provides a comprehensive audit trail with:

  • Every transaction detail from presentment to posting
  • Images of each captured item
  • A single sequence number for tracking and audit

Meet Compliance Goals with Cash Aggregation

Cash Aggregation helps financial institutions meet BSA/AML compliance requirements by automatically identifying reportable transactions and prompting for the completion of the required reports. The Teller Payments application triggers the reports, populates the transaction data, prompts to gather additional required information, and performs data validity checks.

Cash Aggregation also allows institutions to:

  • Configure aggregation on multiple criteria: account, beneficiary tax identification number and/or identification, and conductor tax identification number and/or identification.
  • Configure dollar thresholds for Conductor Identification prompts.
  • Identify abnormalities in activity with review of daily cash activity by tax identification number or account.

Ensure Operating Resiliency

With Teller Payments, institutions are able to continue processing monetary transactions when offline conditions occur using independent processing capabilities that also enforce uniform security, policies, and procedures across the organization.