ARGO uses an industry-proven technology platform in a multi-tiered architecture to process more than 100 million transactions per day. This industry-standard architecture strengthens organizations’ long-term investment by providing:

  • High-volume, 24×7, online, and offline processing support
  • Load balancing and failover for scalability and high availability
  • Omni-channel support through an array of client types
  • Image-based workflow
  • Seamless, industry-standard interfaces, including:
    • Enterprise integration to host legacy and third-party systems
    • Relational databases for online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP)
    • Security management facilities
    • Self-, assisted-, and full-service devices

ARGO designs, implements, and supports solutions:

  • Proven to meet objectives (return on investment, business functionality) and enhance user experience
  • Based on best-practices, mature, configurable, and extensible with industry-vertical content to address time-to-market and reduce implementation risk
  • Based on rich analytics, using decision support analytics to optimize management insight value and enable users to make better decisions
  • Continually refined with new business functionality and technology to extend long-term value
  • Adhering to industry standards, placing security compliance at the forefront of all architecture planning and decisions
  • Utilizing widely available skills, which leverage existing resources

ARGO evaluates emerging standards and technologies, determines their applicability, and employs proven, customer-accepted industry standards.

Enterprise Reach

ARGO provides advanced enterprise technology solutions that adapt to the changing business needs of customers.

The user experience begins with the ARGO Line of Business (LOB) desktop, which is optimized for enterprise users who require secure access to ARGO services and solutions.

ARGO designs each LOB desktop to:

  • Maximize end-user productivity
  • Provide user-friendly navigation, layout, and access to data in a single interface
  • Minimize training requirements

ARGO provides multichannel access to ARGO solutions through web services that use the same infrastructure and functionality as ARGO desktops. This access allows customers to:

  • Reuse and leverage investments in business rules, workflow processes, and data models
  • Incorporate LOB best practices across all touch points in the enterprise

The web services interface provides:

  • Centralized change management controls to automate updates across all channels
  • A single view of the organization’s customer, regardless of the channel or device
  • Channel-specific flexibility where necessary, including security, presentation, information filtering, and business rules

In addition to meeting customer channel preferences, ARGO Omni-Channel solutions support the organization’s customer experience strategy. Embedded in each ARGO business solution, Omni-Channel functionality includes:

  • Workflow Automation—Enabling business process optimization to help users work more efficiently
  • Document Image Processing—Eliminating dependencies on paper documents while expanding services to customers regardless of their physical locations