ARGO continually reviews its technology portfolio in relation to customer and market needs. Evaluation criteria include availability of standards, performance, access to labor, enterprise interoperability, ease of installation and maintenance, functionality, longevity, and industry trends.

Key focus areas:

Investment Longevity

ARGO knows that its customers require a partner that will evolve as their businesses grow. With more than 35 years in the technology business, ARGO serves as that partner. ARGO:

  • Evaluates emerging standards and technologies
  • Determines the applicability and potential longevity
  • Adopts and utilizes proven, customer-accepted industry standards

This includes forming strategic vendor partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, VMWare, and Cisco as well as major device vendors.


Legislation and privacy concerns continue to drive increasingly stringent security requirements. ARGO responds by:

  • Increasing the level of independent, third-party testing including penetration testing, application source code scanning, and security process training and certification
  • Delivering application enhancements to simplify security management and improve identity validation

User Experience

ARGO creates products that empower people to work efficiently and confidently. We take user experience seriously because we know customers expect ARGO products to function well in their workplaces, allowing employees to be more productive, reduce errors, and minimize training time.

ARGO achieves these goals by focusing on the human aspects of the technology through:

  • Usability testing
  • Incorporating user experience knowledge and expertise into the software development life cycle
  • Robust integration with existing systems and user acceptance testing
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art interface libraries and components
  • Continually striving to reach an optimal fit between the software and users’ needs

Customer Experience

To support the organization’s customer experience objectives and ever-changing channel utilization, ARGO adopted an Omni-Channel solution strategy. While meeting the expectations of a personalized consistent experience, via multiple touch points, Omni-Channel solutions allow consumers to explore and utilize products and services. ARGO improves users’ customer engagements with solutions that:

  • Support full-, self-, and assisted-service strategies
  • Allow users to start transactions in one delivery channel and complete them in another
  • Provide full collaboration and workflow tracking tools to ensure transaction completion
  • Support in-branch and external employees with data store-and-forward capabilities
  • Provide consistent data and functionality, regardless of the delivery channel


While striving for competitive distinction, three items continually stand out: efficiency, effectiveness, and intelligent decision-making. ARGO employs leading mathematical and statistical analytics in a decision management platform to help organizations:

  • Optimize the performance of their key business processes in real time
  • Automate the life cycle for decision management processes
  • Apply statistical and analytical components to fact-based decisions
  • Remove uncertainty and subjectivity from business analysis activities
  • Support the integrity and consistency of decision management in the enterprise
  • Provide management insight into key processes across delivery channels


The complexities associated with the labor-intensive, error-prone, manual paper document handling processes remain a high concern for institutions striving to meet or exceed customer service expectations. In response to these challenges, ARGO provides institutions with a paperless processing alternative.

Document image processing focuses on eliminating geography dependence through:

  • Electronic documents—Automate the generation, storage, retrieval and viewing of documents
  • e-Signature capture—Produces an electronic signing ceremony, resulting in a legally binding document
  • Audit and legal review—Provides for the review and export of audit and authenticity information to assist in proving regulatory and proof-of-process compliance

Workflow Management focuses on optimizing business processes by:

  • Automating business rules and processes to coordinate the flow of tasks and exchange of information among employees, departments, customers, and partners
  • Capturing and monitoring process details to provide management insight and comprehensive audit trails
  • Delivering proof-of-process required for compliance and legal review

Labor Force Productivity

With rising labor costs and the need for reduced time-to-market across its customer base, ARGO invests heavily in tooling enhancements to improve developer productivity.
Recent tooling enhancements include:

  • Source code scanning for security and complexity
  • Improvements to source code control
  • Multisite development
  • Interactive compiler navigation and editor improvements
  • Improved testing tools