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Solution Version Date Marquee features
Fraud & AML Solutions (OASIS) v3.7.1 Jun 2020 Version 3.x series enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Real-time automatic decisions for check cashing and Automated Holds
  • Expedited customer onboarding through the addition of data-driven automatic configuration
  • Deposit analysis
  • ACH check processing
  • Early exception review
  • SAML Single Sign-On support
  • EDMS integration
Fraud & AML Solutions (OASIS) v2.5 May 2020 Version 2.x series enhancement release (for stand-alone, non-TP customers). Key features include:

  • Dual control for user management and decision making
  • Enhanced analytical model
  • Security enhancements
  • New UI/React
  • New user management based on roles
  • Enhanced performance; analytics, reporting
Health-PayPro (Patient Financing) v3.1 Jan 2020 Cumulative feature release with provider desktop enhancements and expanded support for patient self-service portal.
IntegrityID (EMPI) v2.1.8 Apr 2020 Cumulative enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Adjudication workflow UI efficiency enhancements
  • Expanded configuration options
  • Additional integration options
  • Additional management insight reporting KPI’s
  • Threshold updates
  • Improved reports and reporting functionality
  • Improved data management, integration performance, system administration, troubleshooting, and UI/UX
Retail Lending – Loan Origination System (Omni-Delivery) v119 Mar 2020 Cumulative enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Compliance updates
    • 2018 TRID Amendments
    • 2018 URLA Updates
    • 2019 HMDA Updates
    • 2019 HPML Annual Updates
  • Paperless processing and e-Signature management dashboard enhancements
  • Loan pipeline enhancements
  • Task and notifications enhancements
  • New quick application function
  • Real Estate Collateral enhancements
  • Property tax enhancements
  • Banker notification enhancements
  • Credit Card limit optimization
  • Credit Card balance transfers
  • Document generation enhancements
  • Digital Loan Origination
v3.1.35 Mar 2020 Internet and mobile release with:

  • Abandonment, retargeting, and conversion
  • E-sign Enhancements
  • Opt-Out Banker Notification Enhancements
  • Enhancements for Customer Originated Transactions added to E-Sign Monitoring Dashboard
  • Workflow Enhancements for E-Sign
  • HELOC and Mortgage Pre-approvals auto decisioned on application submission
  • Asset Requirement Configuration Enhancements
  • Service Request Workflow Enhancements
  • Compliance updates
    • 2018 TRID Amendments
    • 2018 URLA Updates
    • 2019 HMDA Updates
    • 2019 HPML Annual Updates
  • Credit Card limit optimization
  • Real Estate Collateral enhancements for HELOC
  • Loan pipeline enhancements
  • Task and notifications enhancements
  • Property tax enhancements
  • Banker notification enhancements
  • Third-Party Originated Credit
v3.1 Jan 2020 Loan origination desktop that supports on-site and remote origination and remote fulfillment workflow.
  • Commercial Lending
v1.02 May 2018 Cumulative product suite release. Key features include:

  • Ongoing Life of Loan Management
  • Coordination of Loan Renewals, Modifications, and Extensions
  • Tracking of Covenants and Collateral
  • Actionable Management Insight & Reporting
  • Process-Driven Workflow
  • Systematic Enforcement of Regulatory Requirements
  • Paperless Processing and e-Signature
Omni-delivery Ecosystem v119 Mar 2020 Cumulative solution suite. ARGO Omni Sales & Service is a customer centric software solution for acquiring, account fulfillment, workflow, onboarding, retaining, growing and servicing customers in their channel of choice. Key features include:

  • Predictive Attrition Risk enhancement to support multiple channels with automated engagement plans
  • Beneficial Owners enhancement to better delineate between Owners and controlling Parties
  • Workflow exception handling enhancements to support back-office fulfillment of digital applications
  • Customer Engagement enhancement to support an automated campaign engine (ACE)
  • Document Generation enhancements – Retrieval of documents from previous sessions
  • Banker Mobility
v119 Dec 2019 Cumulative enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Deposit Account Funding
  • Unsecured Credit Card Origination
  • Digital Account Opening
v3.58.0 Mar 2020 Enhancements include:

  • Abandonment, retargeting, and conversion program updates to increase conversion rates
  • Deposit products expansion to include CD, IRA and business accounts
  • Added capability to originate service requests
  • Additional ownership types such as trusts, beneficiaries and minors with custodians
  • Customer appointment scheduling
  • Paperless Processing and e-Signature
v4.0 Dec 2019 Latest enhancement release with Base Software includes:

  • Reliability and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Bank employee e-Signature support
  • E-Signature performance and stability improvements
Multi-channel Sales & Service – Traditional Client (Formerly Platform) v5.0 Jun 2005 Terminal Release for Traditional Client. See Base Software for security and OS related release updates.
Patient Care Coordination (CareChain) v1.1 Mar 2018 Cumulative enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Predictive risk model enhancements
  • Population health reporting extensions and KPIs
  • Medication compliance
  • Case Management workflow enhancements
Treasury Management (SAND®) v4.15 Jun 2020 Latest enhancement release. Key features include:

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Workflow improvements for bank users
  • SAML Single Sign-On support
  • Improvements to Payee recognition
  • Expanding functionality to include Controlled disbursements
  • Improved reporting engine allowing custom report generation.
  • Expanded browser support to include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Expanded channel capability allowing end users to adjudicate from mobile devices
Teller Payments Fraud v202001 Jun 2020 Latest enhancement release, key features:

  • Expanded browser support to include Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
  • Deployment flexibility for In-Office Control Point (IOCP)
  • Added new account funding from ARGO Banker Mobility
  • Improved Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) error handling
  • Expanded TCR supported models
  • Expanded Cash Advance function to include integration with Transcard
  • User experience and navigation enhancements to improve teller efficiency and speed
  • Additional limits on ID requirements for negotiable items
  • Customer authentication improvements
  • Added Automated holds support including real-time image analysis
  • Suspicious Activity/CTR reporting enhancements to comply with new standard
  • Improved item type configuration with additional flexibility, quicker setup and ease of ongoing maintenance
  • Teller Payments (Central Payments)
v6.0 SP1 Jun 2018 Latest enhancement release with Base Software. Key features include:

  • 6.x compatibility enhancements
  • Support of 64 bit ARGO middle tier
  • Resiliency and Recovery improvements

Patch 7 released Nov 2019

  • Teller Payments (Central Payments)
v5.3 SP1 Jan 2012 Patch releases only – Patch 76 released April 2020
  • Cash Inventory Optimization
v4.3 Dec 2016 Latest service release including predictive model updates.
Teller Payments – Traditional Client v5.3.1 Nov 2011 Terminal enhancement release for Traditional Client user interface. See Base Software for security and OS related release updates.
TELPRO Contact Center v5.0 Jun 2005 Terminal release for Traditional Client. See Omni-delivery Ecosystem for release updates and Base Software for security and OS related updates.
Supporting infrastructure
Solution Version Date Marquee features
ARGO Decision Engine (ADE) v6.0 SP1 Jan 2018 Enhancement release including performance upgrades
AXCESS Integration Server v6.0 SP1 Jan 2018 Windows Server version enhancement release
AXCESS Consumer Credit (CICS) Integration Server v2.2.26 Jun 2017 Terminal release for CICS enhancements
Base Software v6.0 SP1 Jun 2018 Service Pack 1.  Latest Patch 9 released April 2020.

  • Support of 64-bit middle tier
  • Enhanced web API support through Netbridge
  • Enhanced trace/log data logging to eliminate customer data exposure
  • Expanded Teller Cash Recycler integration
  • Network communication security through support for transport layer security (TLS) 1.2
  • Expanded Electronic Journal data capture and search options
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server column level encryption option
  • Support for JSON objects in the application server transaction processing
Base Software v5.4 SP1 Aug 2013 Patch releases only.  Latest Patch 35 released January 2020.
Base Software v5.3 SP3 Nov 2017 Patch releases only. Latest Patch 6 released February 2020.
Customization Toolset v12.4 Jan 2018 Patch releases only. Latest Patch 1 released November 2019.

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