Behavioral Health Utilization Review

Improve behavioral health insurance approval rates with automated workflow.

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Is Your Utilization Review Process Optimal?

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Receive compensation for all patient days.

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Reduce premature discharges by increasing approvals.

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Reduce staff burnout, shortages, and high turnover.

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Automate on-time documentation gathering.

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Prepare providers for peer-to-peer reviews.

Improve Utilization Review Workflow

ARGO’s Behavioral Health CareChain solution targets the utilization review process making it easier to manage. It maximizes insurance reimbursement to improve patient care for those who would benefit from a longer stay and saves nurses valuable time. Watch this short video to learn more.

Meet Behavioral Health CareChain

Automating Utilization Review to maximize insurance reimbursement.

Maximize Utilization Review Approval Rates

Give your organization all the tools it needs to streamline the Utilization Review process. Automated chart auditing ensures on-time documentation completion, improving the quality of care, reducing the burden on staff, and lowering labor costs. Learn more by watching this short video.

ARGO Behavioral Health Utilization Review