ARGO Entity Match & Resolution goes beyond the traditional Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI). Using advanced matching technologies, the solution detects and prevents duplicate records across a wide range of customer-defined entities for patients, guarantors, providers, payers, businesses, and more. The result is a consolidated, 360-degree view of entity records throughout organizations.

Reduce Duplicate Rates to as Low as 0.5 Percent

Employing a highly accurate mix of statistical models and supervised learning methods, the ARGO Entity Match & Resolution EMPI solution helps organizations reduce duplicate rates to as low as 0.5 percent, resulting in:

  • Reduced incidence of adverse clinical impacts due to incomplete or incorrectly matched patient records
  • Improved overall quality of patient care
  • Increased accuracy of population health quality measures
  • Decreased costs and improved revenue cycle

The solution utilizes supervised learning techniques to tune the probabilistic algorithm to specific characteristics of an organization’s data, resulting in high levels of precision and matching performance.

Optimize Human Adjudication with Role-Based Queues

For patient records requiring manual reviews for matching, Entity Match & Resolution’s Workflow Management capabilities help ensure efficient and accurate human adjudication by equipping organizations with the proper tools and insight. The solution integrates the following ARGO components to seamlessly configure and manage the matching process:

  • Segmentation and Skill-Based Assignment
  • Service Level Agreement Management
  • Task Facilitation and Guidance

Profile Data Automatically

Prior to loading a data set, an integrated Data Profiler completes an automated statistical analysis of the source data to be matched and provides a configuration baseline for optimum matching results. The Data Profiler analyzes factors such as completeness, patterns, and errors in the data. The result: a rapid, tailored configuration to help organizations achieve better quality and more accurate data.

Prevent Duplicates with Active Integration

The Entity Match & Resolution EMPI solution provides active integration with front-end registration, scheduling, clinical, and ambulatory systems. The solution also integrates with back-end systems such as data warehouses or health information exchanges, which allow access and retrieval of patient data. Functionality enables registrars and other groups collecting patient information to query Entity Match & Resolution before a duplicate record is created, resulting in less downstream cleanup.

Support High-Volume Data with Effective Architecture

The Entity Match & Resolution architecture provides a platform to support large volumes of data for any size healthcare organization for:

  • Quick and adaptive scaling to meet changing needs
  • Logical and physical multitiered configurations
  • Database independence
  • Web services-based integration

Prevent Security Gaps, Authorize Access

Entity Match & Resolution takes advantage of the ARGO application architecture by applying:

  • Application access and security built into the architecture and solutions
  • Industry standard and accepted methods, including Active Directory, LDAP, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, and secure/approved VPN connections for proper authentication and authorization