What We Do

ARGO improves mission-critical business processes for financial services and healthcare organizations.

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How We Help Our Customers

We are committed to providing economic value and product longevity for our financial services and healthcare customers. Our customers count on us to deliver the functionality, user experience, IT infrastructure, and interoperability they need to meet their long- and short-term goals. Our implementation and support teams ensure that your solution is reliable, stable, and fully integrated.


Financial transactions processed annually across over 500 customers


Fraud detection rate compared to industry standard 80%


Patient records evaluated, identifying 55 million duplicates


Server uptime availability

Financial Services

We improve effectiveness for our financial services customers by boosting customer experience, improving their acquisition success, and protecting them against risk and fraud. We help meet their consumer and business customer needs throughout the customer journey, from the early awareness and consideration stages all the way through retention and relationship expansion. We streamline the role of the branch with a balanced approach to automated engagement and the human touch.

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We improve healthcare efficiency and outcomes by protecting patient safety and ensuring that behavioral health patients receive the care they’re entitled to. ARGO’s EMPI patient identity solution detects and prevents duplicate medical records in a health system. Our behavioral health solution targets the utilization review process to maximize insurance reimbursement to improve patient care for those who would benefit from a longer stay.

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Operational Reliability, Resilience, and Sustainability

ARGO solutions operate in mission-critical environments. ARGO ensures operational reliability, resilience, and sustainability by monitoring solutions operating in customer-premise data centers. Our Early Detection Monitoring Service (EDMS) ensures that time-dependent procedures and tasks are executed properly and that externally connected resources are online. ARGO has been the first responder to 77% of operational issues, and we predict 59% of pending issues and outages. ARGO users enjoy 99.992% server uptime availability.


How can you use technology to improve customer and patient experience, expand revenue, and reduce risk? Check out our library for perspectives and solutions.

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