Business Lending

Streamlining and securing origination for small business, C&I, and real estate.

ARGO Business Lending Hero Illustration

Does Your Team Struggle With

  • Error-prone manual and paper processes
  • Inconsistencies across the business
  • Fragmented data across systems
  • Redundant work caused by lack of data integration
  • Limited transparency due to all of the above

If so, ARGO provides a better way!

ARGO Business Lending Solution

Innovative and collaborative risk management solution that:

  • Integrates data allowing a seamless flow from origination through loan booking
  • Provides clear visibility into the loan process
  • Enables user collaboration with complete and up-to-date information
  • Enforces policies, compliance, and consistency
  • Allows the flexibility and creativity users demand

Seamless loan origination and document collaboration

  • Financial analysis
  • Underwriting
  • Credit memo
  • Decisioning
  • Documents
  • Closing and booking
  • Covenants
  • Renewals