Patient Identity Matching

Improving healthcare outcomes by accurately matching patient records.

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The cost impact caused by duplicate patient records?

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Whether duplicate records impact your revenue cycle more than 15%?

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If the cost of duplicate records in your Emergency Department exceeds $800?

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The clinical impact caused by duplicate records?

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How many duplicate imaging studies are caused by duplicate records?

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How duplicate patient records impact your operations overhead?

Patient Duplicate Record Rate

Let ARGO help

Research shows resolving identity issues in your patient population results in costly resources and time to correct the record, delays in treatment, repeated tests, and slower collection cycles caused by incorrect and incomplete claims. And that’s just the beginning. Duplicate records also cause clinical mistakes and can gravely impact patient safety.

Up to 33% of all denied claims are associated with inaccurate patient identification, which costs the average hospital $1.5 million annually, according to Black Book Research (April 2018).

Now imagine an EMPI solution with a suite of advanced patient matching methodologies and issue resolution tools that can take your organization’s patient population to one singular person record across the organization. One person. One record.

Meet ARGO’s EMPI Solutions

Improving healthcare performance by accurately matching patient records

How ARGO’s EMPI Solution helps

With ARGO’s comprehensive technology approach to patient record matching, our EMPI Solutions do the hard work for our customers. Our solutions identify, analyze, resolve, and prevent identity issues from disparate sources by dynamically unifying the patient record across the entire healthcare organization.

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