Deploying a holistic consumer-centric strategy to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Digital Differentiation Throughout the Customer Journey

What is “Digital”

Many definitions of digital are hyper-focused on self-service fulfillment. A strategic definition places digital as a competitive differentiator, engaging customers early in the journey and throughout the relationship.

Decipher Website Visitor Needs

An active website requires digital sensory technology to detect and measure visitor interaction. Site activity data indicates the visitor’s product interest and the strength of the intent to purchase. This information boosts the timeliness and relevance of engagement.

Propensity to Purchase
Automate Account Open Decisioning

Process Digital Applications

The ability to apply through digital channels sharply increases volume. Automating decisioning reduces time and streamlines workflow. Highly qualified applicants can receive rapid approval. At the same time, unqualified applications can be handled without needing staff review.

Listen to the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs prompt for and listen to customer feedback at critical moments of truth throughout the customer journey. Timing is key. Moments of truth include website visits, cart abandonment, new account openings, service interactions, and engagement with self-service financial planning tools.

Listen to Customer Moments of Truth
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Enhance customer experience

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Improve acquisition

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Reduce risk

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Expand management insight

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Reduce unit delivery cost