Operational Reliability

Achieving Operational Reliability

Our customers expect operational excellence with improved predictability, proactive issue prevention, responsive support, and better recovery in the event of an issue. ARGO responds by detecting and addressing issues before they affect application performance, impact end users, or interrupt solution functionality.

ARGO’s Early Detection Monitoring Service (EDMS), a key component of our subscription service offering, brings a team of specially trained technical experts together to provide the knowledge needed to monitor mission-critical operations and reduce potential impact to revenue. EDMS performs real-time monitoring on ARGO application solutions in customer production environments to ensure operational efficiency, with insight to over 250 risk-point KPIs that enable thorough analysis.

We Create Mission-Critical Software, and We Keep It That Way.


  • Monitors 250+ operational metrics
  • Predicts and eliminates issues leading to outages
  • Verifies the health, status, and connectivity of production applications