Fraud & AML

Reducing fraud with crosschannel multi-fund analytics and adjudication workflow.

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Ask Yourself

  • Are your fraud losses higher than expected?
  • Is your fraud prevention effectiveness below 95%?
  • Are you losing money at the teller line and through ATMs?
  • Are you spending more than 0.01% of bank assets on systems and analysts to review suspects and prevent fraud?
  • Are your check verification thresholds above $500?
  • Are you reviewing more than 250 checks for each item worth returning?

Stop wasting time and money, and let us reduce your false positives, false negatives, manual reviews, and labor resources.

Expanding Capabilities to Change the Game

We are changing the game in fraud prevention, providing our customers with hard financial benefits. See how we are expanding fraud capabilities to reduce fraud loss, staff cost, solution operating costs, and the labor requirements of compliance, reporting, and strategic management.

Fraud Solution Results Chart
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Image Analysis

  • Signature validation
  • Check stock verification

Transaction Analysis

  • Analytics gathering
  • Data modeling


  • Anti-money laundering
  • Reporting