Knowledge Center

We understand that replacing familiar solutions with new solutions causes daunting change management issues throughout an organization.

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Our Knowledge Center offers many materials as well as in-person and online training for technical and nontechnical users. These learning events provide opportunities to work with subject matter experts who share specialized knowledge in an interactive setting to answer the question: “I used to do that this way, so how do I do that with the ARGO solution?”

We provide learning opportunities and materials tailored to different job roles. Our technical knowledge exchange includes learning tracks for application architects, developers, and system administrators. We also provide product knowledge exchange for business analysts and business-area users who manage and use our solutions.
Because we configure solutions to meet your needs, we also provide learning solutions tailored to job roles such as end users, system administrators, and IT support personnel.
Throughout the life of a solution, SMEs work with your organization to maintain and perfect your chosen configuration. Our experts work hand-in-hand with your staff to expand their knowledge and skills.

We provide ongoing learning for new product features, enhancements, and best practices to maximize the solution functionality.
Our programs allow users to excel by obtaining certifications related to their role. It also offers users professional development as well as access to advanced learning events.