Compliance Services

Our Compliance Services team offers financial services and regulatory experience, proactively monitoring federal regulations and acts and providing necessary compliance support.

Best Practices

We support customer Compliance Management Systems by automating activities previously handled by employees and managers. Automation improves processes such as collecting and aggregating data, generating documents, disclosures, and questionnaires, and producing management insight reports.

It also allows financial institutions to address compliance management in a proactive, consistent, and transparent manner, eliminating biases, errors, and oversights that could prevent potential violations.

Impact Assessment

Compliance specialists continually monitor the regulatory environment to identify changes that impact our solutions and services. Examples include data collection, reporting, and disclosure requirements changes that necessitate changes to corresponding ARGO solutions. Our experts create solution strategies and business designs to accommodate changes and facilitate ongoing compliance.

Design and Documentation

When enhancements are required, the compliance team creates business and technical design documents that outline changes to decision trees, databases, and user interfaces.

These documents allow financial institutions to develop and implement the enhancements in their applications, providing systematic enforcement of business rules and federal regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Communications

Our compliance team engages with customer peer groups to monitor, interpret, and support federal regulatory compliance impacts to our solutions. Communication occurs regularly through bulletins, peer group conference calls, and individual consultations.

In addition to publishing these documents, we host design group teleconferences to collaborate with customers on new or modified regulations. Our compliance team also consults with individual customers, providers, resellers, and technology partners to address specific compliance issues as they arise.

Product Enhancements

After soliciting feedback, the team develops enhancements to embed compliance support and process automation into our solutions. We deliver these enhancements through planned releases, which include business designs, technical designs, implementation instructions, scripts, code snippets, and testing considerations.

Business and Technical Designs

We offer compliance consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs on initiatives ranging from time-critical compliance analysis to large-scale software enhancements. Our team creates custom software business and technical designs for your developers to code, or we lead implementation efforts in partnership with your team.