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An Introduction to ARGO

Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Expanding Your “Customer-Centric” Engagement

Acquiring Customers and Fulfilling Needs in an Omni Ecosystem

Creating Digital Revenue Streams through Customer Acquisition and Relationship Expansion

Improving Utilization Review Workflow Efficiency

Reducing Risk in the Omni-channel Delivery Environment

History of Being a Disruptor through Ongoing Investment and Innovation

Automating Consumer Lending Across Omni Delivery Channels

Driving Customer Experience in Financial Services

Modernizing Your Customer Delivery Model

Improving Customer Acquisition through Intelligent Lead Generation

Improving Utilization Review Economics

Role of Analytics in Behavioral Health Utilization Review

Improving BH UR Process Performance Through Software Automation

Mitigating Credit and Compliance Risk through Automation

Staying Customer Connected

Customer Support Capability

Growing Business Lending Revenue

Defining “Digital” as a Strategic Competitive Advantage

Strengthening Customer Relationships by Meeting Needs through a Digital Personal Financial Planner

Behavioral Health CareChain Implementation and Support

Fraud & AML Overview

Actively Listening to Customer Needs

Technology Infrastructure Supporting Our Omni-Channel Solution

Originating Loans at the Point of Sale

Increasing Market Competitiveness through Customer Experience (CX)

Importance of CX for Your Customer Delivery Strategy

Role of Analytics and Decisioning in Digital Delivery

EMPI Overview

Mitigating OTC Fraud in Real Time

Proactively Meeting Customer Needs

Improving Sales and Sales Performance Management

Teller Strategy in Today’s World

Meeting the Specialized Needs of Business Customers

Role of the Banker in an Omni Delivery Environment

Role of Analytics in Fraud Prevention

Maximizing Operational Efficiency in Fraud Prevention

Improving Customer Needs Leadership

Reimagining Campaigns

Getting Service Right in Omni-channel Delivery

Optimizing Performance through Management Insight

Projecting ROI Lift with OASIS Fraud Detection

Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Protecting Business Customers from Fraud