Need: Risk Management

Mitigating Risk in an Omni World

  • Proactively reinforce your institution’s policy
  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance
  • Authenticate and verify customers to prevent fraud
  • Reduce attrition and protect your reputation
  • Leverage technology with predictive and decision analytics

Validate, Verify, and Authenticate Your Customers

Knowing the identity of your consumer and business customers in an Omni world requires best practices aligned to the delivery channel. Detect and prevent fraud with a system that combines what you know with third-party and governmental information to validate, verify, and authenticate your customers.

Streamline Credit Risk Management

In today’s market, your lenders must deliver competitively priced loan products in a timely, consistent, and compliant manner across channels in real time. Applicant credit worthiness is generally lower in the digital channel than through the branch. As many as 90 percent of digital credit requests are high risk. Automated validations, categorizations, disclosures, and decisioning improve customer experience and free your staff to focus their time on qualified applicants with near-term relationship and revenue potential.

Keep Your Customers by Identifying and Responding to Attrition Risk

Less than 5% of your customers will tell you they are unhappy before they take their business elsewhere. Proactively detect and analyze more than 55 events and trends impacting your customers. Employ automation to quantify the likelihood that a customer will leave the bank. If the risk exceeds acceptable limits, initiate timely and relevant customer engagement to protect your relationships and your business.

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