Need: Service

Getting Omni-channel Service Right

  • Empower your customers with self-service options
  • Provide easy access to staff support
  • Track and manage service requests
  • Prevent service level agreement (SLA) slippage
  • Proactively follow up on service activity to validate satisfaction

Optimize Retention by Giving Customers a Voice

Listening to feedback related to service events empowers your institution to improve satisfaction and reduce the risk of attrition. A successful Voice of Customer strategy allows you a quantify your customers’ experience, communicate customer care, correct issues that are causing frustration, improve your brand, and retain your base.

Routing Work and Tracking Success

Improve your staff’s efficiency with workflow automation. Streamline direct digital, front-office, and back-office activity with work queue management, notifications and alerts, SLA tracking, work assignment, compliance, and exception handling. Empower your staff to spend less time with the process and more time with your customers.

Converting Interactions to Relationship Expansion

With the shifting customer preference toward digital channels, quality face-to-face time is more important than ever. Service interactions provide organic opportunities to explore and meet new customer needs and reduce attrition risk. Expand relationships by turning service events into opportunities.

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