Customer Acquisition

Identifying and meeting needs earlier and throughout the customer journey.

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Improving Customer Acquisition in an Omni World

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  • Increase market share by staying competitive
  • Expand qualified leads
  • Detect prospects earlier
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  • Improve customer experience
  • Engage with relevant content
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  • Leverage both digital and human resources
  • Reduce response cycle time

Intelligent Lead Generation

One size has never fit all. Consumers want you to understand their needs and provide personalized engagement. Intelligent lead generation uses your website to detect and quantify customer needs and readiness to make a decision. It responds with the most relevant offers and tracks and measures acquisition success.

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Optimize Acquisition Success with Referral Management

For your institution to meet more complex needs, opportunities must be routed to staff with the right skills. Efficiently capture and route referrals to the right staff to guide prospects and new opportunities through fulfillment. Track outcomes with key performance indicators for continual improvement.

Help Your Customers Achieve their Personal Financial Goals

Your customers are looking for advice and a personalized roadmap to meet their financial goals. They will willingly share personal information in exchange for the help they want. With this data, you can generate personalized plans, peer comparisons to encourage positive changes in spending and saving behavior, and a library of helpful information to improve financial literacy.

Infographics h ARGO Infographic Customer Acquisition