Need: Customer Engagement

Impacting Results by Engaging Customers

  • Stay connected with your customers

  • Increase awareness of your services, offerings, and capabilities

  • Send more relevant content to your customers

  • Influence customer outcomes

  • Balance use of automated and human engagement

  • Obtain helpful feedback

“Listen” for Opportunity Triggers

Let the system “listen” for digitally sensed, customer disclosed, staff initiated, and time-based signals. When the time is right, customer engagement triggers the action that is most likely to get a response. Customer engagement supports lead generation, abandonment retargeting, onboarding, and attrition risk mitigation.

Make it Easy for Your Customers to Act

A successful engagement strategy results in your customers taking action. You may want to present an offer, remind them to complete an application, or invite them to book an appointment. Engagement plans deploy well-timed and relevant communications to help your customers meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Automate Your Engagement Process

The process begins with signals from website activity, banker input, customer self-disclosed information and feedback, and lead lists. With this, the system selects the most appropriate timing and type of engagement. Decision factors include opportunity value, segmentation, customer preference, and cost. Engagement may be fully digital, staff, or a blend.

Listen to the Voice of Your Customers

A closed feedback loop ensures your customers are heard. Improve engagement effectiveness with a Voice of Customer strategy that targets the right customers, asks the right questions, analyzes the responses, and takes the most effective actions.

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