Product: Omni-channel Delivery

Driving Forces Dictating Tomorrow’s Customer Delivery Model

  • Be more competitive in an Omni-channel world

  • Rapidly detect and identify needs

  • Add value in the early stages and throughout the customer journey

  • Acquire more deposit and lending customers, and reduce abandonments

  • Expand your delivery capability across channels

  • Balance your use of staff and automation

  • Be more relevant to your customers

  • Reduce risk

Customer Journey Alignment

Identifying and meeting your customers’ needs in an Omni-channel world presents many challenges. Detect your customers’ needs earlier in the customer journey. Use automation to deliver timely and relevant engagement. Meet your institution’s needs of increasing acquisition, improving staff efficiency, and retaining your customers.

Customer Data Drives Engagement

Your institution has a wealth of information about your customers. Imagine using automation to increase that knowledge and even gather information about prospects browsing through digital channels. Let data drive personalized and timely engagement. Provide your staff with a 360-degree view of your customers. Improve your services and processes with management insight.

Improve Your Acquisition Success

Improve your institution’s acquisition strategy with automation:

  • Detect website prospects, quantify their needs and readiness to purchase, respond at the right time with relevant offers, and measure success.

  • Support your customers with a personal financial planning tool to help them meet their goals.

  • Increase your staff’s efficiency with referrals management capabilities.

Streamline the Path to Fulfillment

Let automation escort your customer through fulfillment. Help your consumer and business prospects and customers meet their deposit and lending needs in a frictionless Omni-channel environment. Complete start, stop, and resume capabilities across digital, human, or a blend of channels simplify the process, improve customer experience, and streamline the path to meeting needs.

Optimized Use of Human Assets

Consumer demand for the convenience of self-service options is increasing – as is the desire for easy access to human help. Connects provides a seamless Omni-channel approach to transaction processing. Your customers can have their needs met wherever they choose to do business. Meet customers where they are, through digital, branch, contact center, or a blend of channels.

Reduce Risk

Fraudsters have upped their game in an Omni world. Reduce your risk without frustrating your customers. Protect your institution across channels efficiently and effectively.

Introducing ARGO Connects

We are helping financial institutions meet the shifting needs of an Omni world. ARGO Connects can help you expand Omni-channel delivery, drive personalized and relevant engagement, increase customer acquisition, use your staff more efficiently, and reduce risk.

Product Functionality

ARGO Connects delivers what you need to be competitive through Omni-channel delivery. Extend your customer acquisition strategy, improve customer experience, streamline your fulfillment process, provide efficient self-service and staff-assisted service, and listen to the voice of your customers across all stages of the customer journey.

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Connects Omni-channel Delivery

Improved customer experience, efficiency, digital and human utilization, and risk management for increased acquisition, fulfillment, service, and relationship expansion success

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