Need: Fulfillment

Simplifying Self-Service, Integrating Staff Assistance, and Increasing Fulfillment Success

  • Empower customers across channels

  • Integrate digital self-service with human assistance

  • Simplify the fulfillment process with paperless and e-Signature

  • Deepen relationships with relevant and targeted onboarding engagement plans

Omni-channel Delivery

Customers crave the empowerment of self-service with easy access to live help. Omni-channel delivery empowers customers with seamless start-stop-resume capability across digital and human-assisted channels. It provides full visibility across channels to the customer and the institution. The result is a “know me” experience for the customer through digital, branch, and contact center activity.

Frictionless Fulfillment Path

Starting from needs analysis, simplify the path to purchasing and onboarding for your customers. A responsive user interface improves your customers’ experience. Streamline the application process through consistency, ease of navigation, accelerators, and paperless and e-Signature options. At the same time, improve efficiency for your staff with automated decisioning, workflow, and compliance.

Abandonment Retargeting

Studies show that the probability of closing an abandoned application increases by up to 30 percent when retargeting occurs within 30 minutes. Prompt your customers to complete the application through automated detection and customer engagement with clear calls to action.

Customer Onboarding

Account opening automatically triggers the placement of your customers into onboarding plans based on their profiles and account types. Transition the customer to account usage, strengthen relationships, and improve retention with timely and relevant engagement.

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