Maximize Operational Reliability with ARGO EDMS: Real-Time Monitoring & Performance Management

In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, organizations need reliable monitoring services to ensure essential operations remain stable. EDMS supports ARGO’s promise to create mission-critical software and keep it that way. EDMS performs real-time monitoring of ARGO application solutions in customer production environments. With a focus on crucial operations, this subscription service provides our customers with improved predictability, reactive support, and better recovery when an outage or issue occurs.

Because maintaining operational efficiency is important to our customers, EDMS also tracks key performance indicators to ensure customers can confidently answer questions like, “Did my customers’ banking transactions balance today?” Or “Did my system detect and resolve duplicate patient records when admitting a patient?”

To monitor application performance, EDMS provides a four-part service.

  • First, we predict and eliminate issues leading to outages.
  • Second, we react to immediately detect problems.
  • Third, we recover and isolate problems.
  • And finally, we report to provide trend analysis and track KPIs.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper. To predict when issues may occur, our experts track over 250 operational metrics and perform continuous hourly monitoring throughout the business day. We verify the health, status, and connectivity of your production applications and watch for indicators that can uncover potential risks. Our ability to identify potential issues prevented 68,200 hours of desktop outages in 2023.

When our experts detect a potential problem, they react to shorten diagnostic and resolution time, resulting in minimized interruptions and delays for users. When issues can’t be predicted, ARGO is the first responder 76% of the time. Last year, the EDMS team monitored over 7.5 billion transactions.

When recovery is necessary, technical experts focus on restoring system functions. As operations are restored, EDMS monitors status to prevent data loss. Because the team can quickly access alerts and log files, recovery is significantly faster than for non-EDMS customers. Our data shows that ARGO customers experience over 99% end-user availability and server uptime.

ARGO uses KPIs and operational metrics to deliver reporting and management insight. The team performs aggregation, trend analysis, and peer comparisons to report on historical operations. And reporting also provides insight into operational reliability by examining capacity, performance, availability, and throughput.

Monitoring operations enables ARGO’s EDMS team to detect negative trends and notify customers before outages occur. Bringing a team of technical experts together provides the knowledge needed to reduce potential impact to revenue and customer satisfaction.

Ready to elevate your operational efficiency and reduce downtime? Trust ARGO EDMS to keep your mission-critical applications running smoothly. Click below to contact us and learn how we can transform your monitoring and performance management!