Revolutionizing Utilization Review in Behavioral Health with Data Automation

Does this sound familiar? It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning. There were six admissions over the weekend. No initial authorizations were called in, and five concurrent reviews are already scheduled. Checking in, there’s enough information to meet medical criteria on three scheduled calls, but two are still lacking necessary information despite the reminders you sent out on Friday. You text and email providers and therapists again requesting the information. You move on to the initial authorizations, and more information is missing. Another round of emails and texts. Then, finally, you can start your calls, document those calls, and try to find time to prepare for tomorrow, another non-stop day in the world of a UR nurse. There must be a better way, right? Well, there is.

If it sounds like I’ve been there, it’s because I have. I’m Donielle, and I’ve brought my years of Behavioral Health experience to the team here at ARGO to help make that better way a reality, improving patient outcomes and increasing reimbursed days.

Behavioral Health CareChain (BHCC) is the latest game changer from ARGO. It targets the utilization review process, making it easier to manage, maximizes insurance reimbursement to improve patient care for those who would benefit from a longer stay, and saves nurses valuable time. How do we do that? Two words: data automation.

With our software working for you, sifting through mountains of patient data to summarize pertinent information based on diagnosis, you’ll be ready for every review. Behavioral Health CareChain prioritizes time-sensitive activities, prepares and ensures readiness for concurrent review sessions, and reduces declinations from insurance for patient care. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity and cost and improves documentation quality with completed assessments.

Here we can see BHCC in action. Our reference library contains 22 psychiatric diagnostic classifications, which are automatically matched against a patient’s symptoms to create a summary with the strongest criteria available for obtaining additional authorized days. This example is a patient who received two days on initial authorization. BHCC has automatically scanned all relevant chart documents and organized the strongest symptoms at the top with corresponding documentation attached for easy reference. Based on the strength of the evidence provided, you can quickly see how well-prepared this review is for the insurance call.

Imagine no more chasing down providers and therapists for information or digging through chart after chart to glean anything that proves medical necessity. Your documentation will be completed on time, your patients will get the time and care they need and deserve, and you’ll significantly reduce unreimbursed days.

Transform your utilization review process with Behavioral Health CareChain (BHCC) by ARGO. Say goodbye to manual data gathering and hello to automated insights. BHCC streamlines your workload, ensuring timely insurance reviews and maximizing patient care days. With 22 psychiatric classifications, our system prepares you for every insurance call. No more chasing information—just efficient, accurate documentation and more time for patient care. Discover how BHCC is revolutionizing Behavioral Health UR.