Blending Digital and Human Interactions for Enhanced Customer Experience

Just like everything else in business, the role of the local branch has evolved from the way things used to be. While clients and small businesses still come into branches for simple transactions, like cash needs, more and more consumers rely on branches for assistance with complicated transactions, issue resolution, and advisory services. Today’s customers demand self-service, banker-assisted, and full-service options in an Omni-channel environment that gives them the ability to seamlessly move between digital and human channels. Because expectations continue to rise, bankers need new capabilities to meet and exceed those expectations.

Connects Omni-channel delivery model facilitates the collaboration you need across physical and digital channels to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As branch usage patterns change, ARGO is committed to delivering the software you need to make the most of your critical branch resources in a changing environment.

Connects from ARGO routes timely and relevant engagement through digital and human channels, proactively engaging the right banker at the right time and revitalizing the role of the banker in your customer’s journey. Our automation delivers collaboration tools that enhance customer engagement, detect interest, and quantify propensity to purchase by intelligently monitoring online activities, surveys, and self-service financial planning tools, deepening the institution’s knowledge of customers’ short and long-term needs and sharing that knowledge across the entire organization.

Connects provides transparency about needs and activities to the banker with digital and cross-channel insights to enable highly effective interactions. Greater visibility and understanding of a customer’s needs ensures more robust and productive relationships.

Time spent in personal interactions is precious; bankers must take advantage of every opportunity to engage with their customers. Connects collects insights gathered from every channel into a single touchpoint, empowering more relevant conversations and recommendations. Connects provides visibility into the customer’s self-disclosed financial goals, like buying a home, saving for college, or retirement planning. The ability to quickly and easily enter and update sales opportunities and seamless access to monetary and non-monetary transactions, servicing, and fulfillment. Connects from ARGO connects your bankers to the customer journey to understand their needs and proactively engage them.

The shift to any time, anywhere self-service, coupled with the interruptions and distractions of life, result in abandoned or incomplete digital applications. Customers frequently want to complete these applications at a convenient branch location. Connects closes that gap and enhances the customer experience, allowing customers the freedom to start, save, and resume account applications through their channel of choice and increases banker efficiency, providing insight into customer satisfaction, attrition risk, incomplete applications, and sales opportunities in progress all from a single 360-degree profile view. With greater awareness of customers’ needs and levels of satisfaction, bankers are ideally equipped to leverage digitally identified opportunities and proactively provide assistance.

So to recap, the benefits of Connects from ARGO include equipping bankers with the information they need to meet customer needs and develop relationships, empowering staff to meet needs detected in other channels, and mobilizing your workforce, maximizing efficiency and delivering customer service while minimizing waste and missed opportunities.

Transform your branch experience with ARGO Connects. Embrace the evolution of banking with our omnichannel solution, blending digital prowess with human touch. Equip your bankers with the insights to excel in customer engagement, from simple transactions to complex advisory services. Dive into a world where every interaction is an opportunity, powered by Connects seamless integration of digital applications and branch efficiency. Elevate your banking with Connects and redefine customer relationships.