Empowering Sales Teams with Innovative Management Tools for Optimal Performance

What’s the greatest challenge faced by every sales organization? Yes, reaching revenue goals is a big one. But an even greater struggle is giving the front line a way to identify, manage, and track sales opportunities from the point of detection all the way through to close and fulfillment. Whether it’s acquiring new customers or expanding existing relationships, sales teams need the right tools at hand and sales managers must have the capabilities to drive accountability, monitor activity, forecast sales, and gather insights necessary to achieve and exceed revenue goals.

Connects provides five best-practice embedded Sales Management tools that address all these challenges and more. With ARGO’s Sales Management solution, goal setting, referral management, pipeline forecasting, and relationship and activity management are integrated components inside of Connects, giving your frontline everything they need to create and nurture relationships, all while tracking the insights necessary for continual sales success and consistent revenue growth.

Goal management provides tangible, actionable guidance to support sales goals for the organization, making revenue targets relevant all the way to the front line. Referral management intelligently routes leads from both human and digital channels to the right individuals or teams for prompt action while monitoring SLAs and tracking outcomes. Pipeline forecasting enables opportunities to flow through the sales process to fulfillment, measuring strength and deal flow velocity by calculating the aggregate closing probability, enabling accurate pipeline forecasting.

The book of business management tool allows key contacts such as centers of influence and community organizations to be tracked and analyzed through the business relationship, gathering data from every interaction point, enabling consistent customer interactions, enterprise wide. Finally, activity management tools provide automated, not self-reported, interaction insight throughout the organization, allowing management an unprecedented level of visibility for coaching and empowering team performance.

Additionally, KPI dashboards provide a macro view of organizational performance at every step along the sales process, from identifying the lead through to conversion, allowing management to monitor sales performance at the enterprise, region, branch, or individual level. All of these best practices are central to the core of ARGO Connects, giving your organization the ability to ask better questions, frame and describe performance issues, and define and achieve quantifiable results.

But this only scratches the surface. Empower best practice behavior in your sales organization and drive revenue target achievement with Connects Sales Management.

Transform your sales strategy with ARGO Connects Sales Management. Elevate your team with tools designed for the modern sales landscape: goal setting, referral management, pipeline forecasting, and more, all integrated within Connects. Empower your frontline, drive accountability, and exceed revenue goals with precision. Ready to revolutionize your sales process?