Elevating Customer Service to Enhance Loyalty and Satisfaction

In today’s competitive environment, customers have high expectations, and service is a key differentiator. So, getting service right is the key to customer loyalty. However, it’s not just about providing consistently great service or having the tools in place to execute your brand promise. It’s also about handling service failures quickly and gracefully.

A best practice service delivery model enables customer and account maintenance in real time for requests that can be one and done. Service level agreement workflow based for complex requests requiring banker assistance positions organizations to deliver on their promise of service excellence by empowering customers with self-service options, preventing slippage on service level agreements, simplifying access to staff support, proactively following up to validate satisfaction, and tracking and managing timely resolution of service requests.

Effective customer service strategies provide customers with the option for self-service so they can quickly and easily resolve their concerns, but also gain access to banker assistance when needed. For example, simple maintenance requests like change of address, stop payments, and check orders can be handled quickly and easily by the customer in self-service channels. But for more complex tasks like legal name changes and Reg E transaction disputes, customers may require assistance to meet their needs. These are routed to the right team with the right skills to complete the task.

ARGO Connects workflow tools ensure customers receive a frictionless user experience with even the most complicated transactions. Sensitive and complex service needs that could damage customer relationships if mishandled are successfully prioritized and quickly routed to the appropriate representative with the knowledge, skills, and authority to address these needs. Service requests are automatically tracked to optimize staff efficiency with work queue management, notifications, and alerts. And a 360-degree customer view presents bankers with powerful insights into the customer’s journey.

Connects enhances collaboration between the front and back office by mitigating potential errors in the service resolution process, decreasing processing time of service issues while maximizing control, keeping bankers in the loop with real-time status updates, managing attrition risks throughout the relationship, following up with customers automatically to validate satisfaction, optimizing efficiencies to reduce costs by creating controls to ensure regulatory compliance and consistency of process, and by automating and streamlining workflow.

Connects from ARGO enables you to consistently deliver on your brand promise of service excellence by providing the tools necessary to respond quickly and effectively to customers.

Elevate your customer service from satisfactory to exceptional with ARGO Connects. Master the art of seamless service delivery, from effortless self-service to expertly managed complex inquiries, all while ensuring your customers feel valued and understood. With Connects, you’re not just resolving issues; you’re enhancing relationships and cementing loyalty. Ready to redefine service excellence in your organization?