A digital environment introduces new challenges and opportunities to a world of financial services.

As consumers become more empowered, financial institutions no longer have opportunities for personal interaction, which reduces their understanding of customer needs and intentions. At the same time, risk increases. Financial institutions must ask themselves, “How can we manage risk, engage good prospects and customers earlier in the customer journey, and expand relationships for years to come?” ARGO Connects uses technology and analytics to engage and influence customers in the early stages of their journey while reducing risk. Meet Gabby. She has had her eye on a coffee shop, and finally, the price is right. It’s time to look for a small business loan to make her dream a reality.

Gabby begins the customer journey by researching loans and interest rates, and she finds her way to your website.

Connects Digital Marketing detects and engages her in the first stages of her journey, awareness and consideration. As the system analyzes Gabby’s interaction with your website to determine intent and interest level, it finds that you’ve got just what she’s looking for. Connects Customer Engagement balances the customer’s automation-powered online experience with human interaction. It engages a campaign, which may include sending Gabby information about small business loans, offering targeted solutions, following up with her, and allowing her to schedule a face-to-face appointment with a loan specialist. Gabby takes a deep breath and decides to begin the application process. Because your Connects solution includes omni-channel fulfillment, Gabby can start the application on her phone. Her progress is automatically saved; however, she disappears without completing it. Is she coming back, or has she decided to abandon the application? Connects rapidly retargets with an instant chat window or a re-engagement campaign that may include a call from a banker. In this case, analytics directs an email to be sent. Gabby later responds to the email reminder and picks up right where she left off, this time on her laptop. She has a few questions and would feel more comfortable completing the application with the help of a loan specialist. She visits your bank, and you’re able to open the saved application and help her complete it. With an accelerated fulfillment process, Gabby experienced a perfect balance of self-service empowerment and employee assistance. Application accepted! Loan approved!

However, Gabby’s dreams are much larger than just owning a coffee shop. She’s dreaming of expansion: coffee trucks at local events, night school to get her MBA, and a comfortable retirement. Accumulator, the goal-centric personal financial planning tool, helps her turn her big dreams into achievable goals and a lifetime relationship with the bank. Now that you have insight into Gabby’s goals, you’re ready to offer the solutions she needs in the near term and well into the future!

Connects helps you acquire and retain customers like Gabby. But how do you protect against risk? The relative obscurity of digital consumers and easy access to online applications and digital channels can quickly become overwhelming to the bank. Connects is there to help with technology and decision analytics. As the years passed, Gabby’s financial needs grew and changed, and you’ve supported her every step of the way with the right solutions at the right time.

Improve competitiveness, enhance relevance, expand customer acquisition, increase operational efficiency, and heighten risk management with ARGO Connects. Technology-driven, human-powered.

Transform your financial institution’s approach to customer engagement and risk management with ARGO Connects. Experience the synergy of advanced analytics and personalized service to foster lasting customer relationships and drive business success. Click below to learn how ARGO Connects can elevate your financial services to the next level.