Mastering Client Engagement: The Art of Exceptional Customer Experiences

As a CXPA certified customer experience professional with nearly 40 years in the financial services industry, one of the biggest challenges of the CX Revolution that I’ve observed again and again is how to design and deliver an exceptional experience that meets or exceeds ever-changing customer expectations. I’m sure you hear the term customer experience every day from brands as diverse as McDonald’s to the Ritz-Carlton. We define customer experience as the perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization.

Interactions is a key word here. Clients are on a journey with you that begins the first time they have any awareness of your brand, whether they drive by a branch location, see an advertisement, or visit your website. That’s when their experience begins. Client experience is made up of all the touchpoints, interactions, and channels.

There are three components that make up customer experience: success, effort, and emotion. The first component is success, not your success, but your customers’ success, the degree to which customers can successfully accomplish their goals. No matter the size or the complexity of the tasks, customers want and need to be successful.

The next component is effort. How hard do they have to work? How much effort does it take to accomplish their goals? In order for clients to have a premier experience, that effort needs to be minimal.

Which leads to the third element, emotion. At the end of every interaction, a client will feel something, and you want that emotion to be positive. You want them to feel successful, secure, happy, relieved. You want them to feel good about their decision to bank with you.

You want positive sentiment because customers can easily and successfully interact with your organization. Industry research has been done around refining the CX equation. This research has identified 18 customer satisfiers and dissatisfiers. A few of these satisfiers or positive influences are an intuitive website design with easy navigation and personal care or access to knowledgeable staff. On the other side of the equation, a few dissatisfiers or negative influences are system outages and errors or inadequate access to human assistance.

Recognizing the key components of an exceptional customer experience—success, effort, and emotion—and understanding the impact of satisfiers and dissatisfiers is critical, but there’s another essential component of client experience: listening. Establishing listening posts at every step in the customer journey, at every touchpoint, channel, and interaction, provides incredible insight into your customer’s experience with your brand.

Listening for friction and abandonment signals in the digital channel can drive actions to assist and reconnect. Listening for attrition signals drives actions to initiate engagement to retain customers, and deploying customer surveys at “moments of truth” along the journey allows you to quantify and take action on things your customers are telling you by what they say and what they do.

In order to understand where customers are not able to achieve their goals, where the points of friction are, and areas for needed improvement, you need data. Capitalizing on customer journey data, either captured or derived at every phase in the journey, is essential. Website activity data demonstrates and quantifies intent. Data from application activity identifies potential abandonment trends and opportunities for re-engagement. Service transaction data indicates potential attrition risk or the opportunity to trigger a survey.

The data captured in each of these journey steps can then be used to produce insights and drive actions to inform your client experience strategy. At ARGO, the customer is at the heart of our solutions. Our focus is to develop and provide technology that enables your organization to deliver an exceptional customer experience with minimal friction.

Our solutions equip frontline bankers with the information and capabilities to acquire new customers, provide high-quality service to existing customers, and deepen and expand relationships. Our customer-centric solutions provide the ability to respond in both human and digital methods all across the customer journey, giving your organization the tools to create a customer experience that builds loyalty and drives revenue.

Navigate the CX Revolution. Dive into the heart of customer experience—success, effort, and emotion. Discover the power of listening posts, leverage journey data, and turn insights into action. ARGO empowers you to exceed customer expectations, enhancing loyalty and driving growth. Ready to transform your customer experience?